Friday, 15 July 2016

The Golden Thread Project: Stencil Workshop Idea

Folk songs and stories have been transmitted and mutated across cultures and geography as part of the phenomena of Oral Tradition; How it worked~ 

A single singer sang to a group,

then the group would sing the song, then that group would all know the song and transmit it to their family and friends, and …. So on…. 

Could there be a way to emulate/simulate this with drawing/cartooning/and constructing comix narratives? Maybe simple workshops that utilise templates and stencils as drawing tools would enable a wider range of types and skill levels within the public to engage with the same stories and motifs from folk stories? Using stencils means that the drawn outcome can be as simple or as detailed as the artworker desires or is capable of, and thus all can contribute to the mutation and transmission of folk songs in a new, visual, process based way?

Drawings-  ZEEL,  folk session, The Stag Public House, All Saints St ,Hastings, 17/11/2019.

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